[English conversation class vol.4]

[English conversation class vol.4]
English reports are below↓
This time, it was a very global one🌏
As the invitation of Izzah from Malaysia, people from Indonesia, the United States, and Vietnam participated and we had a lively conversation in English.
The theme was "cooking", and first, teacher Mahfuz introduced us a Bangladeshi cuisine with sharing a video! It looked delicious with lots of spices and vegetables😆
After that, it was exciting to share some dishes from countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam! When the photo was shared, some participants involuntarily announced that they were hungry😋
In Indonesia, there is also a dish called pempek that is similar to satsumaage in Kagoshima cuisine, you can check it out!
The next class is undecided, so we will create an event page as soon as it is decided! (For now, next time is likely to be next year.)