無料学習支援 Vol.23

無料学習支援 Vol.23
✍🏻Free learning support for children and parents / 無料学習支援 Vol.23📚📖
Good evening, everyone💫
Today there were three participants from Malaysia(One family)🇲🇾. Five Japanese supporters tried to help them.
They’ve just arrived in Japan, so we studied easy Japanese words with Japanese Karuta and Hiragana puzzles💪🏻
One of the kid have a homework from her, so she tried so hard to write Hiragana from line あ to た. We could not believe that she has just started to learn Japanese because her writing was so nice👏👏👏
We studied some words with Japanese Karuta, and they taught us some Malaysian words at the same time. All I remember is that they call milk as “su-su” in Malaysian. I know they’ve mastered tree which is called “Ki” in Japanese already cuz it’s only one word😂🌳
Then, we studied the shape of Hiragana by using both Hiragana puzzles and Japanese Karuta. After that, they are the one who started to pick the Japanese Karuta and try to practice writing in both English and Hiragana on the whiteboard. We were so surprised again because they’re so enthusiastic to learn Japanese😳
At the end, we played Kendama which is one of the famous toy in Japan. They could be successful even though this was the first time for them to touch Kendama when they were helped by one of the Japanese supporter👍
We heard that they are trying to learn Japanese at their house always, so we make sure they can be successful to master Japanese in near future.
Feel free to join us, if you have a word, “interest “ in your mind. We don’t care the levels of your interest whether it’s high or low.
Next class 2/6(Sat)
Time 10:00-12:00
Place Kamoike Fukushi Kan
次週 2/6(土)
時間 10:00-12:00
場所 鴨池福祉館
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