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【ZOOM】英語deコミュニケーション(Hafiz class)



【ZOOM】英語deコミュニケーション(Hafiz class)vol.1

11/17(火曜日) 19:00-19:40に開催されました。
Hafiz sensei class has just started.
17th/Nov. (Tuesday) 1900-1940
Hafiz先生の英語 de コミュニケーション、第一回クラスが始まりました。参加は3名。(本来は定員4名です)
・ 自己紹介
・ 先生からクラス開講にむけてのご挨拶でした。
Hafiz sensei class on the 17th/ Nov.
Students 3(Mami, Ritsuko, Satomi)
Today’s topic
・ Self-introduction
・ Greetings from the teacher

I felt that some students joined another class the other day, so they seemed to get to use their self-introduction. The students’ job were kindergarten work, volunteer of reading at kindergarten and elementary school, librarians of elementary school, and one of them were joining from Fukuoka. The student liked making accessories, playing the saxophone, reading, singing songs while driving, watching movies, dramas and sports, learning sign language, chatting ...
Various answers were returned. I was very glad to hear that some people said they were looking forward to the class tonight.
Tonight is the first class.
So, the teacher talked about himself and this class.
The teacher was Dr.Hafiz who has been living in Kagoshima for 19 years from Pakistan.
Try to talk various topics.
When you want to learn and improve, try to speak, speak and speak. Don't worry. The Japanese want to speak perfect in logic, but conversation is not school study. Never mind mistakes.
You speak a lot and can become to speak.
頭の中で言葉を変換するのは時間がかかります。単語が出ないと言葉が出てきません。語彙が大切ですが、1日5単語覚えていけばOKです。毎日挑戦して覚えてみてください。ノートを作ってNew Word としてもよいです。1日5個、1ヶ月で150個、1年で1825個です。
It takes time to translate words in your mind. If there are no vocabulary, no words will come out. Vocabulary is important, but it's okay if you remember 5 words in a day. Please challenge and remember every day. One way, you can also make a note book and memorizing it as New Word. It become to5 pieces a day, 150 pieces a month, 1825 pieces a year.
Non-Japanese children raised in Japan are good at Japanese. I'm just listening.When adults are listening to English, they think about pronunciation and meaning in their heads and imitate it. It is OK listen, talk and make mistakes, but you can't become perfect. Think of it just a communication.
There are also PDFs and texts. Even if your understanding is only 10% at first, you will understand next time as 40% and 70%. When you are repeting to listen , you will understand them. 50% is enough, not 100%. Eventually you will be able to understand it automatically. If a word comes into your head, it will come out naturally at some point. It is a savings of words, like a Bank, like a savings money. Words will come out when you save words in the bank and it is full.
19 years ago I came to Japan. In Pakistan, there is a native language, but the official language is English. We, Pakistanis are studying English at school. So I had thought people could speak English all over the world. But it wasn't. People in Kagoshima didn't understand English.
蜂蜜が欲しかったことがありました。でも、お店の人は”ハニー”という言葉がわかりませんでした。 “ハニー”を恋人と解釈され、恋人を探しているのかと思われたこともありました。お店の人がシュガーとサルトをわからなくて、どちらも白色だったので、自分もわからずとても困ったこともありました。自分は日本語を学ばなければならないと強く思いました。私は日本に気持よく住みたいと思いました。
I once wanted honey. But the shop staff didn't understand the word "honey". At times, "honey" was interpreted as a lover, and it seemed that he was looking for a lover. The shop staff didn't know sugar and salt, and both were white, so I didn't know myself and I was in trouble. I strongly felt that I had to learn Japanese. I wanted to live comfortably in Japan.
For example, if you live in abroad, everything is doing in English, and you are listening to it all the time, it will just take 6 to 9 months until you can speak properly. By speaking, you become to understand the difference in the meaning of the words which you are using. Since I have lived in other countries, Thailand, USA, France, and now living in Japan, I can compare with cultures. Especially, Japan is a safe and comfortable country to live in.
I talked only today, but let's communicate next time. First, write down the topic and what you want to talk about on a piece of paper. It's easy to introduce yourself, but if you suddenly talk about your hobbies or things you like, you'll be confused, so just write it down on a piece of paper.
・ 聞き取れない部分があったということでレッスン後質問をいただきました。
・ 次回も入れたら参加したいです
・ また同じメンバーでしょうか
About the class
・ It was difficult for one student to listen to the teacher’s talking all, so she asked me some questions the supporter.
・ One student want to join next time.
・ Next time is same member?
授業コーディネーター:Izumi Taneda
Class Report
13th/ Nov. (Fri.) 2100-2140
Ha Vinh Nguyen sensei’s class has started